Tabby Cat Leather charm - PT035

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This listing is for Tabby Cat leather charmTabby cats appearance can vary slightly from stripes to whorls, spots, and often an “M” shaped marking appears on their foreheads. Tabby patterns are likely common because they are the best suited for the wild.

These lovely charms are made of high quality vegan leather and come with a adjustable suede cord. Each charm is hand sewn individually in our workshop making it truly unique to you.

You can use these Tabby Cat leather charm as keychains or fashion accessories to add a playful touch to your handbag, back pack or luggage. They are also perfect gifts for cat lovers, especially Tabby Cat lovers, best friends, classmates, colleagues for birthdays, house warming or any occasion.

We can make this item extra special with a personalized touch by stamping upto THREE letter of your choice.