Cute Christmas "Christmas time is here again" Matchbox Card - CM067


Surprise your loved ones with a cute private message hidden in these beautifully decorated matchboxes! 

Each item is hand made from a real matchbox. The designs are hand drawn, printed on paper and then hand assembled to give each individual matchbox that special personalized touch. This unique "matchbox-card" combines elements of greeting cards, miniatures and gift boxes. It is not only a great alternative to traditional greeting cards, but also can be used as gift box for small tokens and delightful decorations for any occasion. 

We've found that these matchboxes are the perfect way to brighten someone's day :)

2 1/16" (length) x 1 3/8” (width) x 1/2" (height)
5.2cm (length) x 3.5cm (width) x 1.27cm (height)