BM025 - Cute Wooden Magnetic Bookmark - Persian Cat, Ragdoll Cat, Black Cat


These Wooden Magnetic Bookmarks are perfect for marking pages in your book, and can also be used as beautiful paper clips for your planner or a clip to keep your earbuds from tangling.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Each bookmark consists of two pieces of natural wood connected with each other by a thin yet durable synthetic leather.

BUILT-IN MAGNET: These two wood pieces can magically stick to each other due to hidden magnets embed inside the layers of wood.

HANDMADE WITH LOVE: All bookmark designs are hand drawn, colored and then printed directly on the wooden surface to give each bookmark that unique and adorable look.

PERFECT THICKNESS: With a very slim and unique shape, it will clip to any page and stay put without damaging your book pages.

These Wooden Magnetic Bookmarks currently come in set of 3 with playful designs and packaging so they are perfect as presents for your loved ones as well as for any book and planner lovers.

Size per piece - varies by design: 1.2- 2.5in (3-6cm) when folded


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