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Client Gifts: Creating an Experience - Jasmine Star

Client Gifts: Creating an Experience - Jasmine Star


When I started my business, I set out to become a photographer, but in the process I built a brand. I didn't realize it at the time, but it's what happened. The more I paid attention to the experiences I created for clients, the more people spoke about my services. And people talking? That's the holy grail of an entrepreneur's life.

When people are empowered to talk about the experiences you create (in person or online), they become evangelists for your product or service. So how can you create an experience? Maybe that'll come in a future blog post, but–for now–here's a sneak peek into a way I make a small connection with my clients. Albeit silly, but an experiential connection nevertheless.
After an engagement session, I send a handwritten thank you note on my custom stationary, but I recently found a cute memento to include alongside it.

While perusing Etsy late one night, I stumped upon a creative who makes cards out of matchboxes. They were the stinkin' cutest things I'd seen, so I contacted her and asked if she'd be able to make a custom order for my clients. And Trang (the designer) said YES!
Now, in addition to the note they receive, I send this as a way to express my appreciation.

I recently sent one to a client and here's her response: “We got your sweet snail mail and cute matchbox! Both are up on our mantle so we can see them on the daily. I'm big on snail mail with my friends so I am psyched about the addition of another pen pal  🙂

Thank you again to both you for being so incredible during our engagement shoot! We really loved the experience and can't wait to hang with you again at the wedding.”
This silly matchbox is on my clients' mantle. Ummm, heck yes! It serves as a reminder of just how awesome, cute, and amazing I think they are. And that right there? That's an experience. It's everything I want my clients to know and feel.I hope you do the same!